Asian Games Trials - Mixed

Sunday, 02 January 2022 by Shen Ting Ang

Asian Games Trials - Mixed Seeding

As of 2022 Jan 3 2359 hours, there are two entries received (in chronological order):

Team Gideon - Gideon Tan, Choon Chou Loo, Choon Cheng Seet, Cheng Luo, Sock Ngin Tan, Zeying Lam. Seeding points: 114.2

Team Kelvin - Kelvin Ong, Sean Teo, Zhen Huai Toh, Hui Teng Yeo, Jazlene Ong, Jie Min Kho. Seeding points: 79.8

Note that the seeding points are the sum of the best 4 players of each team.

Full seeding breakdown can be found at: Seeding Details Spreadsheet

If no further entries are received, the two teams will face each other in a head-to-head match with Team Kelvin as the home team and Team Gideon as the visiting team.