Information and Contact

♣♦   Events   ♥♠

Open Pairs: 3rd Dec 1430-2300 (US$100 or S$125 per pair)

Mixed Teams: 4th Dec 0930-2200 (US$250 or S$310 per team)

Open/Women Teams: 5th Dec 0930 - 7th Dec 1730 (US$400 or S$500 per team)

Youth Teams: 5th Dec 0930 - 7th Dec 1730 (First 2 teams free for each country; subsequent teams to pay US$250 or S$310 each)

♣♦   Hotel   ♥♠

The competition will be held at Singapore Quality Hotel. For more infomation, please visit their website here.

Teams that want to book a room at the venue itself can find a booking form here.

♣♦   Contact   ♥♠

For more information concerning registration, hotel booking and transport, or any other queries please contact:

Derek Maggs     HP:65-81909615 or

Chua Gang         HP:65-97316845

For any problems concerning this website, please do not contact:

Yeo Licai