ASEAN Bridge Championships 2011

Singapore Skyline

SCBA warmly welcomes all players and guests!

Singapore is proud to host the 2011 ASEAN Bridge Championships that are held at Singapore Quality Hotel, from 3rd Dec to 7th Dec.

On behalf of Singapore Contract Bridge Association and all Singaporeans, I warmly welcome all our Bridge friends to the ASEAN Bridge Club Championships.

The modern but beautiful island of Singapore has undergone myriad changes since when we last held the Championships here. The two casinos, Formula 1 Grand Prix, new shopping complexes, Universal Studios are just a notable few additions. Even the familiar Orchard Road has been upgraded to be an even better shopping paradise!

Likewise, the local Bridge scene has also transformed greatly and improved in popularity and standards. Many more students have learnt Bridge, numerous expatriates have joined our ranks, and our National Bridge League has grown to 32 teams in 3 Divisions. In fact, Singapore now has, by popular demand, at least one duplicate Bridge game held everyday at either SCBA or one of our corporate clubs.

With all this evolution, the organising committee thus sincerely hopes that this Championship will be a most appropriate platform for all Singaporeans and our ASEAN friends to renew our friendship and challenge one another to reach a higher peak in our performances. Healthy fierce rivalry may occur on the tables, but everlasting friendship and sportsmanship must prevail as the foundation of Contract Bridge, the mind sport choice of Singapore and the world.

–   Dr Wong Choo Wai

President of SCBA

♣♦   Highlights   ♥♠

Geo Timah, Ambassador, Rylai and Geely Auto finished in the top four to qualify for the Asean Open Teams final! Colombo Cavaliers and Sweden/Philippines will play each other in the Non-Asean Final.

In the Women's Teams, West Java played well to finish first with 119 VPs.

In the Youth Teams, CBLT 1 finished first with an impressive 270 VPs.

Congratulations to all these teams!

Update! Check out the photo gallery: a lot more photos have been uploaded!

♣♦   Latest Results   ♥♠

Rd Home Visitor IMPs VPs
♣♦   Photo of the Day   ♥♠
Photo of the Day

Our most charming trio who are all smiles; at least before the match starts...

♣♦   Overheard at the Table   ♥♠

"Don't just double their contract, set it!"

–   Frustrated Partner